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This is your general concrit post. Questions, comments, etc. for Mieu go here! Comments are screened.


[IC] General Interactions post.

[general interactions go here! that means if you just want to have retarded day-in-the-life thread and retard it up, or have a serious conversation or hell, just want to meet him, go for it! ANYTHING GOES. copypasta'd to all my journals cuz lazy mun is lazy o/]

[ooc] OMG my mascots





[edit:] And now Mokona can has one too. LOOK AT ME, CUTTING DOWN ON SPAM.
[OH SHIT GUYS, IT'S A FIRE BREATHING ch-- I MEAN DRAGON. ignore the paper mache and construction paper]

M-Mieuu . . . oh, that's not right. It should be . . . R-Roooooooooaaar!



[canon] Skit Compilation

Because I like having things available, I went and compiled all the skits that Mieu has been in. o/ Mostly for my own reference, but there's some hilarious stuff in here.

And, as always, there WILL BE SPOILERS.

I even got the ones where he just says one thing. Sigh.Collapse )

Skits taken from here

Permissions meme

Name: Mieu
Age: Unknown! But is a child in the cheagle sense?
Eyes: Purple-y . . . ish.
Hair: l-lol
Height: Small enough to ride around on people's heads and shoulders. Probably just a little bit bigger than Mokona.
Weight: Light enough to do the above!

Medical Info: Is a healthy cheagle. o/

Physical Traits: Has HUGE FUCKING EARS and big eyes and is tiny. Also, wears the Sorcerer's Ring around his tummy. More on that belooow.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Short, spoiler-free version? Anything up to right after the final battle. Spoilers version:Collapse )

Abilities: Because of the Sorcerer's Ring he wears around his tummy, Mieu's able to talk in the human language. Also becaue of that, he's able to shoot fire! And smash things to a certain degree. And fly.

Notes for the Psychics: Nothing of interest here! Thoughts primarily consist of Mieu's friends, especially Master~ ♥ Sometimes thinks about his home and the other cheagles.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Talk to me first!

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: Go for it!

Maim/Murder/Death: COMEDIC ABUSE ONLY. Mieu is not for killing.

Cooking: Hahaha no. But he probably remembers how to make a lot of things from watching Master cook. |D


Character: Mieu
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Character Age: Unknown

Canon: Small, furry, and cute with giant ears, it's no wonder that Mieu is a hit with the ladies. And as a cheagle whose species is officially recognized by the Order of Lorelei as a holy animal, you would think life would be easy. But when you end up accidentally burning down a forest belonging to Ligers, get banished for a full cycle of the seasons, and end up joining the party of the spoiled bratty son of a Duke and his ragtag group of friends, well. Life could be a little better.

But that's not how Mieu sees it! In fact, Mieu thinks life's pretty good. He has a master who cares for him, even if he shows that caring through abuse. He even gave him a name; "Thing", which Mieu takes joy in counting how many times it's used in a day. Possessing the Sorcerer's Ring, Mieu is able to communicate with both humans and animals alike, which comes in handy at some points in the game. Though despite this, he still says "mieu", the sound a cheagle actually makes, usually as a question or a sigh. But not only does the Sorcerer's Ring allow him to talk, it also grants and magnifies certain skills, such as "Mieu Fire". Despite having to put up with certain necromancers' questionable sense of humor, Mieu loves traveling with Luke and his friends and using his abilities to help out in any way he can.

As an additional note, characters receive titles through progressing through the game or completing certain side-quests.

Sample Post:

Mieuuuu . . . I really shouldn't have wandered so far away by myself. Now I don't know where I am and everyone keeps yelling strange things at me. Mieu has never heard of a mascot animal before, but I guess cheagles are cute and fluffy! Is that what a mascot animal is, then? Ooh, so confusing . . . that would mean lots of things are mascot animals, even humans! But would that make them mascot humans, then? That doesn't make sense . . . Oh, hello! Did you hear those yells too? Maybe you can explain to Mieu what a mascot animal is. If it's something I can do, I want to learn all about it! Really? Thank you very much! It sounds like a very important title, so I want to do my best!

Okay, Mieu is ready and listening! You said the first rule was to be cute and fluffy, so what's the second rule? Special powers? Mieu has those! Oh, you need a demonstration? Let's see, which one should Mieu show? The most powerful one? Okay! Please stand back, Mieu is poweriiiing uuuuup -- Fire~!

-- ahh! I told you to stand back! Are you okay? You caught fire very fast! M-Maybe you should go see a healer, that looks very bad! You've had worse . . . ? I guess you don't look very different now that you mention it, but you do kind of smell like burnt chicken . . . ahh, that was mean, I'm sorry! You must be very strong if Mieu's fire doesn't bother you at all! Let me make it up to you by becoming one of the best mascot animals ever! You think I can do it? Thank you! I won't disappoint! There's one more rule left, isn't there? The last rule is always the most important!

. . .

Mieu isn't sure that "bounce factor" is really a -- o-oh it is? Okay, well, if it's a real rule and Mieu needs to have that kind of ability, then . . . y-you need another demonstration? Mieuuu, I'm not sure if they're being serious or not anymore . . . but if that's what I have to do, then I will do it! Mieu is ready!

-- Mieuuuuuuu~!

O-Ow . . . Mieu flew very far. It's been so long since I've has been kicked like that. Distance is a good thing? So that means Mieu has become a mascot animal? Yaaaay! I'm so happy! If only everyone could see, they'd be happy too! Thank you for your guidance! I will make sure to be the best mascot animal I can be!

[Mieu has received the Lovably Annoying and Abused Mascot Character title]

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